About Project Oasis

Expanding access to high quality, affordable childcare
in Yamhill County, Oregon
Now accepting applications
Four kids standing in a row on a bridge with muddy rain boots

What started as a workforce childcare initiative during COVID-19, quickly became the the passion of a family foundation whose vision earned the support of various cross-sector partners and community champions aimed to provide families with an affordable, safe, and inspiring option for childcare.

Children who receive quality childcare early on...
Perform Better
Enjoy better health
Get sick less
Do better in School
Are more successful in careers and overall

Project Oasis integrates evidence-based and research findings to create and sustain safe, stable, nurturing community environments for children and families to get needs met and thrive. Following the direction of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Project Oasis aims to prevent Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) in our community by implementing best practices that assure safe, stable, nurturing environments.

Total economic and social costs of ACEs to families, communities, and society is hundreds of billions of dollars each year.

Partners have come together to implement Project Oasis to address root causes of ACEs and toxic stress by offering more childcare opportunities and financial assistance to afford high-quality childcare.

We believe that by working together, Project Oasis can help achieve the goal of creating neighborhoods, communities, and a world where every child can thrive.

Thank you to all of our
Partners, Sponsors, and Donors!