Project Oasis

An initiative to create an oasis of high quality, affordable, and equitable childcare for all of Yamhill County.
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Various agencies came together to create a solution for the lack of childcare offered in Yamhill County, Oregon.
About Us

Who we are

Project Oasis is cross-sector, public-private community solution designed to create and promote safe, stable, nurturing environments and relationships where children learn, play, and live.
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Childcare Scholarships

What we do

Project Oasis is a financial assistance program that offers six-month long scholarships for families seeking childcare at Little Bird Childcare centers in Lafayette and McMinnville and Mi Escuelita in Newberg.
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Project Oasis Goals

Expand access to quality childcare

Project Oasis expanded accesto childcare opportunities late-2021,by partnering with Little Bird Childcare to open a new childcare center in McMinnville.

The new center offers childcare for an additional 100 children in the county!

Ease the financial burden of childcare

Childcare is unattainable for many families. Project Oasis' scholarships amounts are based on a sliding scale and are focused to getting financial assistance to those who need it most.

Understand the needs of our community

Project Oasis integrates research on communities, children and families, social determinants of health, equity, and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), to prioritize and meet the needs of those who need resources the most.

6-Month scholarships

Project Oasis increased affordability of high-quality childcare by creating a Project Oasis Scholarship Program that offers monthly financial assistance for six-month terms.

Equitable application process

Scholarship applications are designed with an innovative approach to equity and assistance, scoring based on a child's circumstances and experiences, versus solely on a parent's income.

Partner with high quality care

Currently, Project Oasis has partnered with Little Bird Childcare centers in Lafayette and McMinnville and Mi Escuelita in Newberg.

Need more Financial Support?

Oregon's Department of Human Services may offer additional assistance dollars.
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Does My Child Qualify?

Your child is five years old or younger
The child's family lives, works, or plays in Yamhill County, Oregon
The Project Oasis Scholarship Team will review your application and decide how much financial support may be offered. This program can reduce fees, but does not make childcare free. You may be asked to provide proof of income or other documents.